Case study: Energy sector

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Energy sector


Energy, Critical Infrastructure


A key player in the energy sector and an important link in Poland's energy security system. The core business of the company is coal mining, generation, distribution, and sale of electricity and heat. The company supplies several dozen TWh of electricity annually tomillions end customers, which makes it the largest electricity distributor in Poland. Holding controls approximately ca. 1/3 of Polish hard coal energy resources.


  • Legacy systems
  • Limited visibility of network traffic
  • A complex and rapidly changing cyber threat landscape
  • Identifying threats from internal network users
  • The need to comply with the requirements of the GDPR and the NIS Directive


  • A modern probe that easily integrates with SIEM and pre-installed tools
  • Increased visibility of data flow in the network in real-time
  • Automated cybersecurity system response based on artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Early detection of attacks and internal threats, a better understanding of network user behavior
  • Increased data leakage control thanks to the installation of a dedicated GDPR module


Today, more than ever, large and medium-sized enterprises depend on IT systems. Unfortunately, for various reasons, companies often cannot afford to build a large cybersecurity team. The energy sector customer, in particular, faces a rapidly-evolving threat landscape and is one of the largest business entities in Poland, with approximately PLN 19 billion equity and approximately 25 thousand employees and the second-largest producer and seller in the country and the largest heat supplier in Upper Silesia needed trustworthy cybersecurity that can detect threats in real-time in the whole organization’s network.

When dealing with a large amount of data downloaded from various systems, cybersecurity teams primarily struggle with the lack of full network visibility, problems related to incident response time, and prioritization of cyber-attacks and activities.

Another important aspect of ensuring cyber protection in the critical infrastructure organization is the ability to analyze the activities of internal network users, who constitute an element of risk that is difficult to predict – through the use of unauthorized devices and the use of unauthorized websites and services.

In addition, enterprises are obliged to protect sensitive personal data, hence an important element of the cybersecurity system is the need to comply with the GDPR – to meet this challenge, companies are looking for solutions that not only monitor the flow of sensitive data but also help in providing the required information and support Data Protection Officers during creating reports.


Cryptomage probe Cyber Eye ™ enables the detection of hidden network traffic, including data leaks, spy channels, and botnets. The probe’s functionality is enhanced with AI and machine learning behavioral analysis solutions that enable the cybersecurity team to detect unknown threats.
Advanced probe automation allows you to prioritize detected alerts by risk and delegate tasks more efficiently to cybersecurity team members. Cryptomage Cyber Eye ™ autonomously adapts to organizational changes and identifies unusual behaviors and alerts cyber managers to new threats in real-time.
As a result of traffic analysis based on the observation of user behavior, servers, and data flow, Cryptomage Cyber Eye ™ allows for easy and effective detection of potentially dangerous motion and immediate detection and tracking of new devices on the network.
The implementation of the NDR class probe provides better security event detection quality and low-level network security for the most critical resources. Thanks to the forensic module that the Cryptomage Cyber Eye™ probe is equipped with, the cybersecurity team can investigate incidents from different perspectives and analyze the effectiveness of actions taken.

In turn, the data leakage monitoring module helps to detect any unusual behaviors and applications on the server that are a potential source of data loss. The dedicated GDPR compliance module is also equipped with an easy-to-use report generator, which is an excellent tool for Data Protection Officers.


As a result of the implementation of Cryptomage Cyber Eye™, cybersecurity teams gain greater visibility of network traffic and are equipped with an additional layer of security, and are better prepared to respond faster, investigate and visualize possible threats and attacks on the company’s infrastructure.

Additionally, enhanced network visibility gives cybersecurity experts a better understanding of user actions as well as device interactions.

The probe is an excellent solution for customers who expect better network visibility and an adaptable tool for advanced and persistent threat detection, data exfiltration, as well as malware and ransomware detection. Cryptomage Cyber Eye™ from the very first data package analyzed, begins to investigate and analyze network behavior in real-time, detecting potential threats and informing the cybersecurity team about them.

Cryptomage probe Cyber Eye ™ supports cybersecurity experts in proactive action and is an effective tool in the fight against evolving threats, helps to maintain business continuity, and protects the company’s credibility and reputation, while cybersecurity and compliance teams receive a trustworthy and reliable solution, along with an experienced team of analysts available on task.