Co-founder & CEO

MiƂosz Smolarczyk

  • 13+ years of industry experience
  • 10+ years of business and management experience, working for IT sector companies in management level
  • PhD candidate in Cybersecurity

Co-founder & Chief Scientist

prof. Krzysztof Szczypiorski

  • 25+ years of research experience
  • 200+ papers in Cybersecurity and 2000+ citations
  • Head of the Cybersecurity Department at Warsaw Technological University
  • Visiting researcher at: University of California, Berkeley; George Mason University, Virginia; Luxembourg Institute, of Science & Technology; 50+ other places. Consulted by US Army, HP, Cisco & Oracle PL, Orange & T-Mobile PL and the US Air Force

Co-founder & COO

Jakub Pawluk

  • 13+ years of industry experience
  • 10+ years of sales management experience
  • Founder with successful exits
  • PhD candidate in cybersecurity

R&D Team

  • C++, JS Developers
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analysts
  • OT consultants

Marketing and sales

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Business Development Manager