Key benefits


Traditional security tools cannot keep up with today’s highly sophisticated cyber attacks. CISOs need real-time insight into the network environment. The Cryptomage Cyber Eye™ probe provides cyber security departments with complete understanding and control of the network to better manage the organization’s security and data protection.

Firewalls and EDRs are no longer enough. With Cryptomage Cyber Eye™ Network Detection and Response probe, which is based on proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, your team can detect unknown network attacks, APTs, malware, DDoS attacks, malware, exploits or events that signature tools cannot see. Increasing visibility into the threat landscape and proactively detecting, prioritizing, and responding to new threats in real-time is essential for those managing an organization’s cybersecurity.


The installation of Cryptomage Cyber Eye™ Network Detection and Response (NDR) network probe is highly beneficial for C-suite executives, as it enhances the security and protection of the company’s data. NDR solutions allow continuous network monitoring and real-time detection of potential security incidents, such as hacking attacks, intrusions, or unauthorized access, preventing potential losses and threats to the company.

Additionally, the NDR probe allows better risk management and provides management with important information on network state and data security. This enables management to make more informed and thoughtful decisions about protecting data and ensuring business continuity for the company. Installing an NDR probe allows management to better understand and control the security situation, enabling them to manage and plan data protection activities effectively.

IT Audit

Using the Cryptomage Cyber Eye™ network probe for IT auditing is an excellent convenience for those responsible for verifying and collecting information about the integrity of IT systems. Network Detection and Response class solutions enable IT audit professionals to fully and accurately understand the state of network and data security.

NDR’s network probe allows real-time network monitoring, inventory of the organization’s resources, security status, and resilience to potential security incidents, resulting in faster, more accurate, and more effective IT audits, as well as the development of remediation plans if the audit results require it.


The Cryptomage Cyber Eye™ network probe is a valuable tool for data protection officers such as Information Security Officers (ISOs) and Information Officers of Data Owners (IODOs). Our probe is equipped with the only NDR in its class, a dedicated GDPR module that provides organizations with support in data protection through a dedicated panel for IODOs to help create reports, monitor the flow of personal data on the network, or secure evidence.

As a result, installing an NDR probe benefits Data Protection Officers and allows them to perform their duties more efficiently, while ensuring data security in the company.