About the NDR probe in practice

We invite you to read what our customers and partners say about Cryptomage, the benefits of implementing the Cryptomage Cyber Eye™ probe, and the challenges we have overcome together.

At Cryptomage, we emphasize the technical and business competencies of the team. We have experienced and resourceful scientists and analysts who can select effective solutions and improve the entire project conceptually. As a result, projects implemented by Cryptomage constitute a real added value for our clients.

Atende Security Forum 2023 – Anatomy of an Attack
Karol Kij, Director of the Cybersecurity Solutions Department at Atende

During the second edition of the Forum, Karol Kij talked about the most important functionalities and benefits resulting from implementing a Network Detection and Response class network probe based on a case study – Cryptomage Cyber Eye™. The 18-minute presentation showed actual cybersecurity incidents detected by our probe.