About the probe

Cryptomage Cyber Eye™ – a Network Detection and Response – class network probe is much more than a simple traffic flow analytics tool. It provides real-time, network-based anomaly detection and prediction powered by low-level network protocol, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. As a result, organizations can identify, monitor, and triage traffic flows, connections, and potential malicious events.

Cryptomage Cyber Eye™ probe provides security teams with excellent protection and automates processes to detect and prevent threats, allowing them to manage their time and resources efficiently.

Cryptomage Cyber Eye™ NDR class probe is custom network equipment based on proprietary algorithms of Artificial Intelligence.

Below, you’ll find information about the most important modules of the probe.

Threat detection

Threat detection provides deep inspection of every single network packet, including transported data, with:

  • Network protocol discovery and validation – easily check unknown and hidden protocols
  • Machine learning algorithms – to score traffic risk proactively.

Event management

Event management with full SIEM, SOAR and NGFW integration and export thresholds

  • Risk scoring of each event and host – effective triaging of threats
  • Built-in analytic tools and charts – inform and guide ongoing event management
  • Configurable event triggers – giving you control over certain packets or events when needed

Network monitoring

Network monitoring with proprietary flow metadata formats that go beyond traditional network flow analysis:

  • Protocol behavior and anomaly statistics – wider understanding of traffic flow and behavior
  • Passive mode option – operations don’t interfere directly with the network traffic


Forensics to better measure the ratio of security events against the source of traffic:

  • Extraction of high-risk network traffic – easy to analyze and focus on specific threat levels
  • Storage of processed traffic metadata in extended format – faster trend analysis


Personal data leak detection

  • Inspection of network packets to detect transmission of personal data such as ID numbers, social security numbers, and bank account numbers
  • Report generation for the Data Protection Officers

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