Atende invests in Cryptomage

On April 27, an agreement was signed, closing the first stage of Atende SA’s investment in the Polish company Cryptomage SA, developing the proprietary cybersecurity probe Cryptomage Cyber Eye™.

The company’s primary invention and flagship product is a cybersecurity probe that combines, among others, network traffic monitoring, low-level protocols, machine learning, and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms in one solution. In the first stage of the transaction, Atende SA acquires newly issued Cryptomage shares, constituting 20% of shares in the company. In the following steps of the investment, Atende plans to reach the threshold of 31.63% of the total number of shares in Cryptomage by 2025 at the latest, finalizing the exit of the Starfinder Capital fund.

Cybersecurity is crucial for the modern technology market, and solutions in this area are an integral part of the IT strategy of every mature organization. In the coming years, along with the increase in the risk of external attacks, the dissemination of remote work, and remote access to resources, as well as the popularity of cloud environments, the importance of cyber security will grow dynamically. Applications, services, and platforms will require reliable protection. Atende comprehensively supports existing and new customers in digital transformation processes, ensuring adequate security in cyberspace is becoming one of the most critical domains. Consequently, cybersecurity occupies an important place in the development strategy of the Atende capital group: Atende Next, published last year.

Leveraging our expertise in cybersecurity, cloud, managed services, and proprietary software, the equity partnership with Cryptomage creates new opportunities to provide our clients with even better solutions for comprehensive and reliable ICT security. We are glad that we can cooperate with the Cryptomage team to integrate their state-of-the-art technology with our proprietary Atende Security Suite software. Thanks to this, together we will deliver the highest level of threat detection and prevention, ensuring that our client’s data and networks are always safe, said Marcin Petrykowski, President of the Management Board of Atende SA.

The integration of Cryptomage’s flagship product, i.e., Cyber Eye, is a critical element of the Atende Group’s plan to develop its network-oriented cybersecurity product. This product will cover the full scope of Gartner’s SOC Triad of Visibility, including EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response), NDR (Network Detection & Response), and SIEM (Security Information & Event Management – security information and event management). By incorporating the Cryptomage network traffic analysis capabilities into the existing Atende Security Suite solution, the Atende product gains its own NDR pillar, providing customers with more excellent and reliable visibility of network activity. This will identify and prevent cyber threats in real time, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and data protection. The standard SaaS system will integrate data from distributed security systems, automate incident investigation and provide IT support thanks to intelligent threat assessment algorithms.

The investment in Cryptomage is a significant success for both parties, and we are strongly determined to accelerate our cooperation even more. This is another step in the implementation of the Atende Next strategy, in which one of the critical areas is to focus on cyber security – thanks to the investment in Cryptomage, we continue to provide the highest level of protection to our clients while developing internationally scalable innovation in this growing industry – summed up Marcin Petrykowski.