Case study: Medical facility

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Medical facility




A modern multidisciplinary medical center that employs about a thousand doctors: the unit has 20 hospital wards and ten departments - laboratories. Approx. 2,000 staff, sees approximately 60,000 patients annually.


  • Legacy systems
  • Limited visibility of network traffic
  • The complex and rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape
  • Identifying threats from internal network users
  • The need to comply with the requirements of GDPR and the National Cyber Security Act.


  • A modern probe that easily integrates with SIEM and pre-installed tools
  • Increased visibility of real-time network data flow
  • The automatic response of the cybersecurity system based on artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Detecting attacks and internal threats at an early stage, better understanding the behavior of network users
  • Increased control of data leakage, thanks to the installation of a dedicated GDPR module


Today, more than ever, hospitals rely on information systems, and the entire healthcare sector faces a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape. Health-related institutions – the most extensive clinical complexes, university hospitals, large medical centers, and smaller facilities need a solution that can detect threats in real-time, at various levels, throughout the organization’s network.
Dealing with a large amount of data retrieved from various, often legacy, systems, the client’s cybersecurity team struggles with the lack of complete network visibility, problems related to incident response times, and prioritization of cyberattacks and actions.

Another critical aspect of ensuring cyber protection in a medical center is the ability to analyze network users’ internal activities, which are an element of risk that is difficult to predict – both through the use of unauthorized devices and through the use of unauthorized websites and services.

In addition, due to the significant amount of personal data processed, medical facilities are obliged to protect sensitive personal data – hence the need to comply with the GDPR is an essential element of the cybersecurity system. To meet this challenge, these institutions are looking for solutions that monitor the flow of sensitive data and help provide the required information and support Data Protection Officers in creating reports.


Cryptomage probe cyber Eye ™ allows you to detect hidden network traffic, including data leaks, spy channels, and botnets. The probe’s functionality is enriched with solutions for behavioral analysis based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which enable the cybersecurity team to detect unknown threats.
Cryptomage probe cyber Eye ™ generates critical information that improves the organization’s cybersecurity posture from the first data packet analyzed – advanced probe automation allows you to prioritize detected alerts by risk and more effectively delegate tasks to cybersecurity team members. Cryptomage cyber Eye ™ autonomously adapts to organizational changes, identifies abnormal behavior, and alerts the facility’s cybersecurity staff of new threats in real-time.
As a result of traffic analysis, based on the behavior of users, servers, and data flow, Cryptomage cyber Eye ™ allows you to quickly and effectively detect potentially dangerous traffic and instantly detect and track new devices on your network.
The NDR-class probe implementation provides better security event detection and low-level network security for the most critical assets. Thanks to the forensic module that the Cryptomage probe is equipped with cyber Eye ™, the cybersecurity team can investigate incidents from different perspectives and analyze the effectiveness of actions taken.

In turn, the data leak monitoring module helps to detect any unusual behavior and applications on the server that are a potential source of data loss. The dedicated GDPR compliance module is also equipped with an easy-to-use report generator, which is an excellent tool for Data Protection Officers.


As a result of implementing Cryptomage cyber Eye ™, cybersecurity teams gain greater visibility into network traffic and an additional layer of security. They are better equipped to respond faster, investigate, and visualize possible threats and attacks on facility infrastructure. Additionally, enhanced network visibility gives cybersecurity experts a better understanding of user actions and device interactions.

The probe is an excellent solution for customers who want better network visibility and an easily adaptable tool for detecting advanced and persistent threats, data exfiltration, and malware and ransomware detection – which are increasingly common means of attack on medical facilities.

Cryptomage cyber From the very first packet of data analyzed, Eye ™ begins to investigate and analyze network behavior in real-time, detecting potential threats and informing the cybersecurity team about them.

Cryptomage probe cyber Eye ™ supports cybersecurity experts in proactive action and is an effective tool in the fight against evolving threats; it helps maintain business continuity and protects the credibility and reputation of the medical center. Cybersecurity and compliance teams receive a trustworthy and reliable solution, together with an experienced team of Cryptomage analysts available on request.