CRN about Cryptomage and Atende Security Suite

In the latest issue of CRN Polska, you can read about the Atende Security Suite, in which our Network Detection and Response  CryptomageCyber Eye probe was deployed.

Atende Security Suite is based on the SOC Visibility Triad. This method consists of using EDR, NDR, and SIEM tools to ensure maximum effectiveness in detecting threats in every place of the IT infrastructure. The Atende Security Suite service combines EDR, NDR, and SIEM tools. This provides the dynamic use of signatures and behavioral and statistical techniques to detect malicious behavior characteristic of cyberattacks.

The NDR Cryptomage, Cyber Eye probe used in the Atende Security Suite service is based on advanced artificial intelligence mechanisms. This device provides low-level, deep analysis of network traffic, network protocol states, and behavior, as well as analysis of the behavior of individual devices in the network, thanks to which the user receives a holistic view of the interactions between them. Machine learning, used for advanced analytics, helps detect ongoing attacks, correlate information about them with endpoints, and prioritize responses. The probe is also equipped with the only one in its class GDPR module, thanks to which it provides companies with support in personal data protection.

You can read the whole thing here – Atende Security Suite – CRN.